Enter the Heroes

The heroes make it back to Port Rolina, everyone is bustling around moving from shop to shop. You see of mix of races here in the port, but most if not all the merchants are dwarves.  A caravan of 4 wagons pulls into town. The caravans come into town like clockwork on a monthly basis, and are always exciting to see. They are the main mode of trading once the ships dock in the port and haul out the goods to be delivered to the many towns and villages within the kingdom.

The caravan leader pulls into town and positions his caravan alongside the docks and it's almost as if it were choreographed, the workers come out from the housing by the shipyard and loads up the crates and bags of various goods into the wagons. The caravan leader whose name is Garraec Lightbuckle, is a dwarf scruffy in appearance, who looks like he could stand his ground in a fight. He has a thick beard that isn't quite long enough to braid yet, and a scimitar at his side and a light cross bow across his back.  Garraec is a bit unhappy however, he hasn’t found anyone in the last 12 months that can protect the caravan, he himself can't do it alone when faced with as many Raiders as he runs into in the Bellowing Peaks. For the last 12 months they have gotten hijacked and unable to complete the deliveries leaving the northern villages and most importantly the Crimson Shadow Clan from being able to restock the militant army that protects the lands. He has petitioned for help from the Crimson Shadow Clan but with them being busy on the front lines protecting themselves from the Fuin Empire bent on domination from the East, they aren’t able to spare the militia to protect this caravan.

Dismounting from the wagon he speaks with the dock manager and takes the manifest of the delivery and makes his way to the Sirens Call, the local pub, to look over the goods and grab a bite to eat and some ale. On his way into the pub he nails the poster up on the town boards outside the tavern that states” Protectors needed to protect the caravan on the route north, 1000GPs rewarded for successful delivery, see Garraec Lightbuckle in Siren's Call"


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